Fire in Magnesia: 80% of livestock was killed


Animal losses and destruction in the livestock units in Magnesia from the uncontrolled fire raging in many areas of the prefecture are tragic. The fact that more than 3,000 animals, mainly sheep and goats, met a tragic death in Agios Georgios Feron is shocking.

According to the estimates of the president of the Cattle Breeders' Association of Magnesia, Haroula Divanis, 80% of Magnesia's livestock was destroyed.

In Sesklos, all five livestock units were utterly destroyed, as reported by The Newspaper. Livestock farmers have also suffered damages in Kokkina, N. Aghialos and Velestino.

According to the Region of Thessaly, the front of the fire that split in two directions and circled Volos had a perimeter exceeding 45 kilometres. It burned over 50,000 acres of arable land and agricultural and forest lands.

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