Rescue and Hope: Newborn Fawn Saved from Rhodes Fire, Mother Sadly Lost - VIDEO

Newborn Fawn

Amidst the fiery blaze ravaging Rhodes, a heartwarming tale of rescue and hope emerged when volunteers managed to save a fragile newborn fawn. The tiny animal was found in a dire state, deprived of water, and visibly suffering from the devastating fire's effects.

Quickly taking action, the volunteers transported the fawn to the farm of Mr Stergos Sentonas in the village of Apollonia. Mr Sentonas, who lives and operates on the farm, recounted the fawn's condition upon arrival, stating that it was weak, scared, and practically on the verge of death.

With expert guidance, the rescue process began immediately, providing the newborn fawn, named "Nikita," with the care and attention it desperately needed. Frightened at first, Nikita eventually finds comfort and acceptance among Mr Sentonas' other doe, providing a glimmer of hope in the midst of the tragedy.

Within a few hours, Nikita's condition remarkably improved, standing on its feet and even engaging in playful interactions with other fawns on the farm. The resilience and beauty of nature shone through, bringing joy to all who contributed to the rescue effort.

Despite this heartwarming rescue, there was also a sombre note as the mother of the small animal could not survive the destructive blaze that threatened the island. Nonetheless, Nikita's survival serves as a symbol of hope and a reminder of the importance of preserving and protecting the precious wildlife that calls Rhodes home.

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