Costeen Hatzi's Greek Journey: Love in Greece and Beyond with Nick Kyrgios

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Known for his on-court prowess and controversial personality, professional tennis player Nick Kyrgios has also experienced his fair share of ups and downs in the realm of romance.

Since December 2021, Kyrgios has been dating Costeen Hatzi, capturing the attention of fans, especially in light of Netflix's tennis narrative series 'Break Point' and their heartfelt social media posts. However, Kyrgios recently felt down as his partner Costeen is currently in Greece with her loved ones on the beautiful island of Kalymnos.

Costeen Hatzi's Greek Journey: Love in Greece and Beyond with Nick Kyrgios 1

Despite his challenges on the tennis front in 2023, battling injuries that have significantly impacted his competitive schedule, Kyrgios has found solace in his relationship with Hatzi. The Australian Open was off-limits to him due to arthroscopic knee surgery, putting his tennis pursuits on hold for an extended period.

During this difficult phase, Kyrgios sought comfort in his relationship, and he took to his Instagram story to express his longing for Hatzi with a simple yet powerful message: "Miss You.😔."

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Costeen Hatzi's Greek Journey: Love in Greece and Beyond with Nick Kyrgios 2

As Kyrgios looks to make a comeback on the tennis court, fans eagerly await the day he reunites with Hatzi. Their romantic journey continues to tug at heartstrings, and their bond remains strong throughout the challenging times. Despite the setbacks, Kyrgios is excited to return to the ATP tour, where his extraordinary skills and unique playing style have made him a fan favourite. As his relationship with Hatzi blossoms, she stands by his side, providing support and strength.

Looking towards the future, Kyrgios has hinted at the possibility of retirement and coaching plans after his tennis career. He acknowledges that age is catching up to him and doesn't see himself playing on the ATP Tour until age 33. Currently focused on the Ultimate Tennis Showdown tour in Los Angeles, Kyrgios playfully mentioned his interest in becoming a coach once he retires from tennis. These remarks have sparked speculation about his future in the sport, leaving experts and fans curious about what lies ahead for this talented and enigmatic player.

Amidst the complexities of the tennis world, Kyrgios finds solace in his strong bond with his sweetheart Hatzi, serving as a source of support and encouragement. Whether he decides to retire in the near future or continue competing in the cutthroat world of professional tennis, Kyrgios' presence is sure to leave a lasting impact on the sport.


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