Residents of Paros Rally to Reclaim Beaches from Private Operators

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Residents on the popular Cycladic island of Paros took action on Sunday to reclaim their beaches from privately-run loungers and umbrellas.

Over 250 residents defied the uncontrolled spread of these amenities and demanded space to lay down their towels. The campaign started at one beach that is considered emblematic, as there are no legal leases in place.

Despite the Paros Municipal Council's decision to not auction any part of the beach due to its Natura site status, a significant portion of Santa Maria beach is covered in loungers.

This campaign, led by the Paros Citizens' Movement for Free Beaches, marks the first of its kind on the island and is just the beginning. The campaign will continue at the beaches of Kolymbithres and Paros Park, with 78-year-old Christos Gerogousis, a former school principal, leading the way.

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