50th Anniversary of the Turkish Invasion Inspires Gripping TV Series 'FAMAGUSTA'

"50th Anniversary of the Turkish Invasion Inspires Gripping TV Series 'FAMAGUSTA': A Tale of Love and Loss"

As the 50th anniversary of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus approaches, the powerful trio of Andreas Georgiou, Vana Dimitriou, and Koullis Nikolaou are set to bring a compelling 24-episode series, "FAMAGUSTA," to MEGA screens. Drawing inspiration from real events, the series revolves around a poignant love story that unfolds amidst the tragic backdrop of the invasion, leaving an indelible mark on the city of Famagusta.

The Tragic Events On August 14, 1974, time stood still in Famagusta as the city bore witness to the Assumption of the Virgin, mourning the loss of more than 3,000 Greek Cypriots. The once-thriving city, a flourishing tourist destination in the Mediterranean, transformed into an eerie ghost town during the dark days of Black August. Through their second operation, "Attila II," Turkish forces occupied 36.2% of the island, displacing 120,000 Cypriots and leaving another 20,000 stranded.

"FAMAGUSTA" - A Story of Resilience The title "FAMAGUSTA" stems from the Frankish name of the city, encapsulating its rich history. Andreas Georgiou and Vana Dimitriou found inspiration in the true stories of the people of Famagusta, weaving together a 24-episode TV series where the past intertwines with the present, and fate plays extraordinary games. The script, crafted by Vana Dimitriou with the research contribution of Dimitris Tokaris, promises to be emotionally charged and deeply moving.

The story revolves around a young couple tragically losing their three-month-old baby on the day of the invasion. Forced to leave their homeland, they carry with them the pain of their irreplaceable loss. Separated by circumstances, the couple's love remains steadfast, enduring the trials of war and profound grief. Building a beautiful family with three children, they cherish their happiness, but the memory of their lost child remains an ever-present thorn in their hearts, no matter how many decades pass.

A Life Unheard Amongst the chaos of war, a miracle unfolds. An infant survives the nightmarish setting of the conflict and grows to become a fifty-year-old man, living a life parallel to the family he never knew. His journey intertwines with theirs, creating a captivating narrative that spans generations.

Filming for "FAMAGUSTA" commenced in Nicosia, with locations spanning Cyprus, Athens, and London. The series is expected to premiere in early 2024, marking the poignant 50th anniversary of the invasion of Cyprus in 1974. With its heart-wrenching tale of love, loss, and resilience in the face of adversity, "FAMAGUSTA" promises to be a compelling tribute to the enduring spirit of the people of Famagusta.

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