Keraboss Super K: The price of the first Greek "jeep"

Keraboss Super K

The interest in the Super K, a car with an off-road appearance made by Greek hands, is unprecedented. The response on the internet and, in particular, on social media is huge for the car made with Greek flair that recently received the relevant certifications to circulate with Greek license plates.

According to News Auto, the selling price of the Keraboss Super K is around 22,000 euros + VAT. The capacity of Keraboss allows the company to manufacture a maximum of 75 cars per year.

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The vehicle is not a mass-produced car that comes out of some state-of-the-art factory but one that is built and assembled in small facilities using traditional methods by hand. In fact, the company characterises it as an... "island car."

Hence the higher cost, but also the hand-made construction since you can see how the interior reminds us of an old Smart or that the windows do not have glass. However, the company says that these are the prototypes and that there will be improvements. Note that there is ABS, airbags and air conditioning.

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The thousandth engine is from Mitsubishi, it is slightly used and rebuilt with the registration tax at 120 euros. This is the first information, and we will have more to say about the Super K soon.

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