Wild ATV drivers in Mykonos- This one drove with whiskey in hand (VIDEO)

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The uncontrolled and illegal handling of ATVs has raised serious concerns for the safety of tourists and residents of Mykonos.

Apart from the need for compliance with traffic laws and regulations, the problems presented are also related to inadequate policing. The result is dangerous situations, such as driving while holding a bottle of whiskey or transporting more people than allowed, sometimes without the necessary equipment.

Safety on the roads of Mykonos and the rest of the islands is an issue that concerns everyone – tourists, residents, police and the state. It is essential for everyone involved to take action to ensure that Windy Island remains a safe and enjoyable place to visit.

This particular rider was particularly wild. Of course, there is no need for protective measures, such as a helmet, etc. He will be protected by... whiskey...

Watch the video:

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