Crete: Swimmer saved a vulture that fell into the sea and was named Mathios

Crete vulture

A swimmer at a beach in Sitia, Crete, rescued a weak and suffering vulture that fell into the sea, as a result of which it could not get up from the water and fly.

The new incident occurred on Friday on a steep beach in the area of ​​Goudouras Sitias, with the swimmer spotting the helpless animal and rushing to help it by swimming, according to Creta Live.

The incident was reported by Sitia online, and according to the report, the distressed vulture was impossible to stop as it was weak and scared and unfortunately for them when they tried to help it, it fell into the sea.

Then the bather appeared, swam to the spot, and, without a second thought, saved the vulture before it drowned. The vulture was named "Matthew" and is now safe.

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