Thessaloniki Vies for the Title of European City of Sport 2024

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The Thessaloniki Municipality recently announced its ambitious bid for the prestigious European City of Sport 2024 title. The city's mayor, Konstantinos Zervas, emphasized Thessaloniki's deep-rooted connection with sports, boasting of the numerous sports clubs and outstanding athletes that have emerged from the city's vibrant sporting community.

Thessaloniki's bid is bolstered by its impressive track record in successfully hosting major sporting events, such as the European Taekwondo Championships I.T.F. in 2016 and the World Rowing Coastal Championships in 2014. These events have showcased the city's ability to organize and welcome international sports competitions with flair and efficiency.

The city of Thessaloniki boasts a flourishing sports culture, offering various sports facilities and programs catering to residents and visitors. With this strong foundation, the municipality aims to expand its sports calendar further and promote the enthusiasm and culture of sports, fair play, and teamwork throughout the community.

If Thessaloniki is bestowed with the esteemed title of the European City of Sport, it will gain numerous benefits, recognizing its commitment to sports excellence and opening doors to further opportunities for sports development and engagement. The honour would also enhance Thessaloniki's reputation as a sports-friendly destination and reinforce its position as a hub for sporting events in Europe.

The European City of Sport title is awarded by ACES Europe, a non-profit organization based in Brussels.

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Since its inception in 1999, ACES Europe has sought to promote sport among all the citizens of the European Union, particularly disadvantaged groups, children, the elderly and the disabled, among others.


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