SYRIZA: Mitsotakis government made Greece a champion of high prices in Europe

Kyriakos Mitsotakis SYRIZA

Opposition party SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance said that the government of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is to blame for Greece becoming the champion of high prices in all of Europe.

Greece is yet again a leader in high food prices in Europe, and the fault clearly lies with the government of New Democracy, the party said on Tuesday.

In a statement, the main opposition party said, "In June, Greece recorded the highest food price increase in the European Union, 3.35%, compared to May. In fruits, especially, price rises were shocking, approaching 24.5% when the second greatest rise [in the EU] was 7.2%, in Estonia."

"This is completely at odds with Greece's rich agricultural production and the low prices per producer/field. At the same time, fuel prices are at an all-time high, with petrol prices reaching - and in some prefectures, exceeding - 2 euros [per litre]."

However, Syriza added, the ND government persists in the same failed recipe of subsidising high prices instead of substantive interventions in the market.

"Without applying a profit cap, without intensive market inspections, and without the reduction of indirect taxes - VAT and Special Consumer Taxes (EFK) - as Syriza-PA proposes, price inflation will continue to eat away at the income of a great social segment and cast in doubt the viability of the Greek economy," the party said.

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