Top Two European Cities: Istanbul and Athens Show Airbnb's Value-for-Money Advantage over Hotels


As average hotel prices in Europe continue to rise above inflation and airfares surge, consumers are becoming increasingly price-driven, leading to approximately 80 per cent of travellers altering their northern summer plans.

In light of this, Moneyzine conducted an analysis that uncovers the European cities where Airbnb accommodations offer superior value compared to hotels. It is worth noting that variations in room quality, amenities, convenience, and location play a significant role in the comparison.

To provide a comprehensive assessment, Moneyzine checked and Trivago to gather the average cost per night for both Airbnbs and hotels in 35 European cities. Refer to the provided link for the full data on the 35 cities analyzed.

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Top Two European Cities: Istanbul and Athens Show Airbnb's Value-for-Money Advantage over Hotels 1

Taking the top spot is Istanbul, the former Turkish capital, where Airbnbs provide the best value for money. With an average nightly rate of US$45.37, Airbnbs are a striking 61.77 per cent cheaper than hotels (av. US$118.69), making it an ideal destination for budget-conscious travellers. Istanbul is renowned as one of the world's most affordable cities, adding to its allure for those seeking economical options.

Ranking second is Athens, boasting an impressive 49.53 per cent price drop from a standard hotel room fare to an Airbnb. Travellers can secure an Airbnb for an average of $69.67 per night, which is only half the cost of the average hotel rate ($138.05 per night) in the vibrant Greek capital.

Lisbon is not far behind in third place, where an Airbnb averages around US$107.51 per night, compared to a standard hotel room priced at US$210.30. Ranked seventh out of 100 cities in a recent study on the most popular summer destinations of 2023, Lisbon offers a 48.88 per cent cost advantage with Airbnb over hotels, making it an attractive choice for savvy travellers seeking affordable options.

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