Greek Authorities Initiate Construction of 35-Kilometer Steel Fence to Prevent Irregular Migration


Construction work on a 35-kilometer-long steel fence along the Maritsa River has been commenced by Greek authorities as part of the first phase of a larger 140-kilometer-long wall project on the Turkish border aimed at curbing irregular migration.

Subcontractor companies have begun their work, which involves tree cutting, clearing the area, and opening roads for construction machinery.

Under the agreement signed in March between the Greek government and companies "Terna" and "Intrakat," the cost of constructing the 35-kilometer-long fence is estimated to be 99.2 million euros ($109 million).

Situated between Didymoteicho and Soufli , which are close to the Turkish border, the 35-kilometer-long and 5-meter-high steel fence is slated to be completed within a year.

Moreover, seven anti-ballistic observation towers with steel cabins will be erected in the region. Advanced fiber optic detectors, cameras capable of monitoring up to 15 kilometers into Turkish territory, and solar-powered UAVs will be employed for the fence. Currently, the Greek side already possesses two steel fences, one measuring 12.5 kilometers in length and the other 26.5 kilometers in length, totaling 39 kilometers.


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