How much will MGs cost in Greece?


A few days ago, it became known that the MG brand, which now belongs to the Chinese SIC Motor, is preparing to take its first steps in Greece.

The Syngelidis Group announced the official start of sales of the brand's cars would begin in September, reported News Auto, while on the 14th of the same month, the official presentation of both the brand and the models that will be available on the Greek market.

The models that will be sold concern the B-SUV, and C-SUV categories, while there will be hatchbacks and Station Wagons, which will be purely electric. In terms of engines, there will be 1.0-litre turbo and 1,500 cc gasoline versions available, while there will also be a plug-in hybrid version with 258 horses for a leisure vehicle.

SUVs and under 20,000 euros


We have read the above a little... a lot, but we still need to learn about the prices.

According to the information, the initial cost for the ZS (1.5 petrol version), a leisure vehicle (B-SUV), will start at over 19,000 euros, a price that will surely make many think if we consider that the more models in this category cost over 25,000 euros...

The prices have yet to be officially announced, something we expect in September.

Models and versions to be sold in Greece:


Category B-SUV

ZS 1.0 Turbo petrol
ZS 1.5 petrol
ZS EV pure electric

Category C-SUV

Ш 1.5 petrol
EHS PHEV with 258 hp

Hatchback class

MG 4 51kw all-electric
MG 4 64kw all-electric

Category Station Wagon

MG 5 is purely electric

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