Toast to International Beer Day: Exploring the Revival of Greek Beer Culture and Breweries

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International Beer Day is a celebration on the first Friday of every August.

Let's raise our glasses to Greece and its vibrant beer culture on International Beer Day! While Greek wine may be more renowned worldwide, the country boasts some of Europe's most refreshing local beers and thriving breweries. Interestingly, archaeological evidence indicates that beer production in Greece dates back to as early as 2000 BC. So, what has transpired since then?

While Greece has long been celebrated for its wines, its beer scene has grown remarkably in the last decade. The brewing industry has flourished, with new microbreweries emerging nationwide each year. These local breweries contribute to the economy and become attractions, drawing visitors and beer enthusiasts to their doors.

Among the commercial Greek beers, Mythos Beer is one of the most popular, but it is by no means the only option. Let's explore some of the best Greek beers from various regions:

  1. Mythos Beer: A refreshing lager that has become synonymous with "Greek beer" since its establishment in 1997. Mythos, now part of the Carlsberg Group, is a beloved choice for many in Greece and beyond.
  2. Fix Beer: With roots dating back to 1864, Fix Beer has a long-standing history as one of the country's early beer pioneers. Though it faced challenges, the brand resurfaced in 2009, captivating beer enthusiasts with its premium lager.
  3. Alfa Beer: One of Greece's oldest beer brands, Alfa has been delighting beer lovers with its golden-hued beer since its inception. Brewed with Greek barley, it offers a smooth and balanced taste, perfect for hot Greek summers.
  4. Mamos Beer: A collaboration between Athenian Brewery and the Patras-based Mamos family business brewery, Mamos Beer entered the scene in 2018. It quickly gained popularity for its macro lager with a mildly bitter, malty taste.
  5. Vergina Beer: Named after the ancient Macedonian city, Vergina offers a subtle Greek pale lager, loved in northern Greece and beyond for its light hoppy flavour and malt undertones.
  6. Eza Beer: Born from the passion of its owner, Eza Beer is a truly artisanal Greek beer found in selected venues. Its English IPA boasts fruity flavours and hoppy bitterness, making it an ideal choice for the warm Greek climate.
  7. 56 Isles: Produced on the beautiful island of Paros, 56 Isles offers a unique "Aegean Wit," a refreshing beer with Belgian Wit characteristics and a Greek heart.
  8. Ammousa: Hailing from Patras in western Greece, Ammousa Beer is a relatively new and artisanal addition to the Greek beer scene, known for its rich aromas and taste.
  9. Chios Beer: From the lovely island of Chios, Chios Beer presents a variety of beers, including a fresh blonde lager, a black stout, and a Wheat Mastic beer using authentic Chian mastic.
  10. Corfu Beer: With its various ales and lagers, Corfu Beer has represented the island of Corfu since 2006, offering a range of flavours to suit different palates.

These are just a few examples of the diverse and thriving Greek beer scene. Each brew tells a unique story inspired by its region's local culture, climate, and history. So, whether you're on a Greek island or in the heart of Athens, make sure to explore the exciting world of Greek beers and savour their exceptional flavours. Yamas (Cheers)! 🍻

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