Margot Robbie: The food "Barbie" hates the most is Greek!

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Margot Robbie has enchanted audiences as Barbie and now every statement of hers does not go unnoticed. Her statement about the food is an example of something that she said that did not go unnoticed.

The Australian actress, in a video released on social media, answers a related question and causes surprise, at least to her Greek fans, since the food she hates most of all is Greek.

It should be noted that from Clean Monday onwards, the food that the beautiful artist detests is included in almost any table in our country, as it is considered one of the tastiest side dishes.

What is this? Taramosalata!

The dialogue in the video goes something like this:

"What is your least favourite food to eat?” the reporter asks, with Robbie replying: "Taramosalata, have you had that? It is disgusting."

See the video:


hi barbie, are you okay? #greektok #taramosalata #margotrobbie

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This isn't the first revelation Robbie has made in recent weeks. In promoting her new film, she talked about her mother's financial difficulties and how she helped her when she got her first money from work.

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