Jeff Bezos' $75 million support yacht cruises Ithaca alongside $500 million Koru - See the photos

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The support vessel of the superyacht Koru, which belongs to the billionaire Jeff Bezos, was seen off the Skinos beach in Ithaca at midday on Friday. However, when we say support vessel, we're talking about a 75-metre-long, $75 million yacht named Abeona, after the Roman goddess who presided over the departure of travellers.

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Jeff Bezos used this yacht on Wednesday to approach the island of Kastos before reaching Ithaca on Thursday.

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The smaller support vessel adjacent to the mammoth yacht includes a helipad for Bezos or his celebrity guests. This smaller yacht is also expected to be loaded with luxury cars, jet skis, speedboats and a personal submarine.

The Koru

To Koru superyacht is a stunning 127m long three-masted schooner that reaches a height of 70m. Its construction cost five hundred million dollars, a mythical amount for some but not for the owner of Amazon.

Koru costs about $25 million a year to run and is valued at $500 million. The yacht can accommodate 18 guests - and requires a crew of 40 sailors. 'Koru' was added to a fleet of superyachts, helicopters and planes already owned by the businessman.

The aluminium and steel schooner reportedly has three decks and a swimming pool.

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