Peggy Gou, a hardcore fan of Greek feta cheese: What's this story all about?

Feta Gou

She’s one of the world’s most famous DJs and to many the reigning “it girl” of our times. Her journey to stardom started at Berlin’s Berghain, as she was the first Korean DJ to get behind the decks.

Her love for feta cheese has earned her the nickname Feta Goo among her Greek fans

However, this Korean superstar is no stranger to marketing strategies.

It's bland, soft, and smooth, bathing in a sort of lukewarm pool when taken out of its packaging, and the price-to-taste ratio leaves much to be desired (no, not everyone necessarily likes feta). Nevertheless, it's feta cheese that Peggy Gou has been ardently in love with for a few years.

Yes, this Greek soft cheese, made from sheep's or goat's milk and aged in brine – which even received a protected designation of origin in 2005 – is the new addiction of the DJ and icon of Korean club culture. And it's monetized. T-shirts, shoulder bags, and of course, feta cheese – Peggy Gou has turned her passion for Greek cheese into a small business.

Yet, Gou's knack for pulling marketing strings isn't new for the Korean DJ. In 2019, she launched her merchandise store called "peggygoods," accompanied by an Instagram account where she promotes her merch. Available for purchase are tote bags, sunglasses, and more, all of which she frequently features in her Instagram posts. Her most recent feat before the feta operation was a t-shirt with her image, devouring pasta bolognese and a large slice of pizza, sold at the Ferarra Summer Festival in Italy.

Naturally, the item was quickly sold out, and naturally, the t-shirt appeared on various resale sites at completely outrageous prices. A sign that Peggy Gou, with her 3.4 million Instagram followers, has cultivated a community of super fans willing to do anything to identify with their favourite artist.

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