Nafplion: An amateur fisherman spotted a shark on Kiverio beach

shark Nafplion

One shark was enough to cause disturbance on the beach of Kiverio near Nafplion. According to Proto Thema, in the previous days, an amateur fisherman spotted the shark, informed the lifeguard of the beach where he raised the yellow flag on his tower, and ordered everyone to get out of the sea.

A team of the Port Authority of Nafplion rushed to the spot, where with the rescue boat of the lifeguard, they did extensive searches in the sea area but without finding anything.

This is not the first time a shark has been spotted in the area. A few days before this incident, a video showing a small-sized shark near the springs of Anavalos had come to light. The local authorities ask not to cause panic and to let me know immediately if they notice anything.

They also note that citizens should stay on the beach.

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