Pateras Pavlos: The priest who went viral on TikTok with his dances (VIDEOS)

TikTok Pateras Pavlos

TikTokers tend to get more and more wacky with their profiles to increase their followers, with some succeeding and others stagnating in follower numbers.

Pateras Pavlos didn't have to do anything more to get one of the most viral profiles on the social media platform in just one month.

The humorous videos he posts as a priest who has "entered" the news for good, as the social media era now defines it, are enough.

Never taking off his cassock, he makes videos of dancing with his family in a short skit format.

Watch some videos:


♬ original sound - Mufasa


♬ suono originale - Paolo Jackson

The result vindicates him since, within a month, he gained almost 15,000 followers, which is difficult for an average TikToker to reach in such a short period.

In addition to funny videos, he does not fail to share with his followers advice in his capacity as a priest while also telling parables from the Bible.


♬ Original Sound - Unknown


♬ Original Sound - Unknown

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