Keraboss: How many "Greek jeeps" have been sold?


KERABOSS CARS MANUFACTURING, the Greek company that manufactures the SUPER K, is on an outward trajectory, as there is serious interest from individuals from Canada, Cyprus and Germany, who are asking for information on how they can buy it.

This was revealed to News Auto by Stella Kerambos from the Greek company, which, in more than a year since it appeared on the domestic market, has caused general interest.

Keraboss Super K

Focusing on the foreign front, it is emphasised that the Greek company is already examining all the details regarding car exports, and there will soon be developments.

Regarding the domestic market, Stella Kerambos reports that attendance at the company's showroom has increased dramatically. At the same time, traffic at the company's official site has increased by 600% compared to a few months ago.


This is also reflected in the manufacturing side of KERABOSS CARS MANUFACTURING's activities, as six additional SUPER Ks have been put on track to be sold to customers who have expressed interest. Rental offices in Rhodes and Agios Nikolaos, Crete, are two of the company's clients.

To implement a new order, the Greek company must first have sold a previous one to secure the cash flows.

It is recalled that KERABOSS CARS MANUFACTURING runs its investments with its funds and has yet to join any development, fixed request of Greek manufacturers.

Finally, the fact that the company still needs bank support for customer financing is a hindrance. However, the company collaborated with a Greek credit institution regarding small funding.

Keraboss Super K

According to Stella Kerambos, Super K sales are not included in the SEAA list because it is not a mass-production car.

She denies some reports about zero sales and mentions that four cars registered commonly in Greece have already been sold. Four more are ready for sale, and two more are already under construction. The big problem remains financing, as she points out at News Auto.

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