Zakynthos: A waiter saved a woman eating in a restaurant with a Heimlich grip - Watch the video


A waiter's intervention proved to be a lifesaver for a woman in Zakynthos when he saw her choking while eating in a restaurant in the Kalamaki area.

As seen in the video recorded by a security camera, the woman choked on something she ate with her classmate, initially trying to help her by hitting her on the back.

Despite these efforts, the woman still had trouble breathing until one of the servers used the Heimlich Maneuver to unblock her airways.

Watch the video:

According to Tempo24, along with the grip applied by the waiter, the owner of the restaurant had called emergency services for an ambulance to pick up the woman and take her to the hospital for first aid.

The Heimlich grip

This life-saving grip is a maneuver thought up by Henry Heimlich , an American thoracic surgeon who, after learning that hundreds of people die every year from choking on a foreign body, thought of a way to use the air trapped in the lungs and remove the object obstructing the victim's airway.

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