Lizeta Nikolaou: Her Voice Will Be Missed

lizeta nikolaou

Captivating Greek singer, Lizeta Nikolaou was born Elizabeth Katikaridou to Pontian parents on October 2, 1951. With a voice that effortlessly drew in listeners, Lizeta's musical journey left an indelible mark on the Greek music scene. Her ability to evoke emotions through her melodic expressions garnered widespread admiration. Notably, she engaged in a memorable collaboration with the esteemed Giannis Markopoulos, a partnership that showcased their mutual dedication to the art form.

Tragically, on August 4, 2023, Lizeta had a catastrophic accident in a cafeteria after falling down the stairs and died as a result of her injuries.

The following interview was conducted with Lizeta a few weeks before the tragic accident  which claimed her life.  Out of respect for her legacy, we have chosen to delay its release until after her burial, allowing her memory to be honoured as a fitting tribute to her remarkable talent.

Lizeta Nikolaou

How has your upbringing and family background contributed to your passion for music? Were there any particular musical influences within your family that shaped your artistic journey?

My musical journey was a captivating blend of traditional roots and contemporary tunes. I was a member of the school band. My father sang at the Pontian festivals. However, my horizons expanded as I embraced the world of modern music, immersing myself in the sounds of the present. This fusion of the old and the new was the driving force behind my unique sound.

You've had the opportunity to collaborate with various artists throughout your career. Can you tell us about a collaboration that is special to you, and how working with other musicians has impacted your creative process?

My collaborations with fellow Greek singers have marked a harmonious fusion of talent, enriching the musical landscape. Through these partnerships, I have woven a tapestry of captivating melodies and heartfelt emotions. These collaborations transcend genre boundaries, creating a seamless blend of traditional Greek sounds with modern influences. With a shared commitment to artistic expression, these joint endeavours have resonated deeply with audiences.

Your music seems to seamlessly blend different genres and styles. Could you share how your musical tastes and experiences have evolved over time, and how this evolution is reflected in your latest work?

My music has evolved gracefully over the years, embracing new styles while retaining its core essence. From traditional Greek roots to innovative contemporary sounds, my journey reflects an artist constantly evolving, pushing boundaries, and captivating listeners with a dynamic range of musical expressions. I love to become better as a person as well as an artist.

lizeta nikolaou

How important is family to you?

At the heart of my world is my family, with my son Alexandros holding a special place. As a devoted mother, I navigate the realms of music with the same grace I exhibit in nurturing my son. Our bond is a source of inspiration, reflecting the beauty of my life's harmony.

Greek culture is rich with musical traditions. How do you infuse elements of your cultural heritage into your music?

I try not to be influenced by my cultural heritage. I love a more modern music style.

What do you love to do more in your life?

Except for being a mother and grandmother, I would love to continue singing. Music makes me feel good.

Rest in peace Lizeta Nikolaou.

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