Greek Man Arrested in Connection to Nea Philadelphia Violent Incidents

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On Friday, a supporter of the Panathinaikos football club was apprehended in relation to the Nea Philadelphia violent incidents which resulted in the tragic death of a young man on August 7.

The detained individual is a 43-year-old hooligan who has a notorious reputation among law enforcement for his involvement in football fan violence. His arrest was made on the basis of a warrant issued by a prosecutor on Thursday night, prompted by a video he himself had posted on social media.

The incriminating video displays the suspect wearing a helmet and leading Croatian hooligans to the location where 29-year-old Michalis Kastouris, a fan of AEK, was fatally injured the previous night before an AEK-Dinamo Zagreb match. Police have confirmed that this is the same individual who sustained injuries during a confrontation outside the First Instance Court of Athens in December 2022.

After apprehending the suspect, authorities conducted a search of his residence in the Gyzi neighborhood of Athens.

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