Greek unemployment rate down 4.6% compared to July

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Registered unemployment totalled 905,444 in July, down 4.6% compared with July 2022 and up by 38,995 (4.5%) compared to June, Public Employment Service (DYPA) said in a report on Friday.

More specifically, of the 905,444 unemployed, the number of registered unemployed seeking jobs was 914,706 in June, of whom 503,272 (55.6%) were long-term unemployed. Men accounted for 291,217 (32.2%) of registered unemployment, and women for 614,227 (67.8%).

The number of registered unemployed who received checks in July 2023 totalled 127,135, of whom 94,608 (74.4%) are classified as general, 1,761 (1.4%) belong to the construction field, 8,152 (6.4%) are seasonal tourism workers, 1,209 (1.0%) are various seasonal workers (farm labourers), 21,310 (16.8%) are educators and 95 (0.1%) belong to various other fields.

Men accounted for 44,713 (35.2%) and women for 82,422 (64.8%) of the unemployed receiving checks in July.

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