Eleni Sergiou


Eleni Sergiou

Eleni Sergiou was born and raised in Athens.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English Language and Literature and a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Applied Linguistics.

Her works were awarded in Panhellenic Literature and Poetry Competitions in 2011 and 2016, and she received an Honorary Distinction at the 33rd Panhellenic Poetry Games of Delphi in 2018 and the 37th in 2022.

She received the special ELIKON Kefalos Poetry Award for her overall work and active presence in literature and contemporary intellectual activity.

She has published 4 poetry collections, which received Prizes and Excellence as the best poetic collections in Greece and Cyprus, and she has participated in poetry anthologies and in poetry magazines.

Her poem "ATHENS (It matters not what you look at but what you see)" printed on golden papyrus adorns the hall of the Spiritual Center of the Municipality of Athens.


Mapping the struggles of Eleni Sergiou through her 1st poetry collection, "You Don't Have Your God", without the poet having her God, she breaks barriers, opens roads, stirs up complacent consciences, becomes sovereign, duels with words, composes, builds her edifice, and generally shakes up the literary space!

Analyzing the contemplative journey of the poet, I let myself in her spiritual radiation and felt the meaning of the supreme life.

Theodoros Taboularis

Author, Poet

April 2016


Eleni Sergiou is comfortable in writing; she is genuine. Despite the times and conditions, it seems to be a flower that insists on growing on a cliff or a ravine and has the courage to give us a smile.

The beautiful, intelligent and attractive verse is also present in her 2nd poetry collection, where the poet goes in and out of the rooms of "reality" and "fantasy" in search of the path of autonomy, liberation, her own path, and perhaps aims in the future to become a free female cummings!

Dr. Iosif S. Iosifidis

Academic professor, Author, Poet

September 2017


The title of Eleni Sergiou's 3rd poetry collection, "Thanks to Experience" accurately expresses its content. So as the poem becomes a true experience, one with life. The uniqueness of Eleni Sergiou's poetry lies in the fact that, on the one hand, she handles it like a craftsman who knows all the methods for constructing a poem and on the other hand, surrenders to the omnipotence of the poem.

Eleni Sergiou's poetry is presented as a way of life, to see another face of reality, not the only one, but one of those that will bring you closer to existence.

Katerina Angelaki-Rooke

Internationally recognized Poet

October 2018


"The Marriages of Prose and Poetry" is a book where the fascinated prose meets poetry in 45 surreal short stories in which the author's eloquent speech in an elaborate way keeps the door of our soul open to the sun, beauty, dreams, hope. Her expression precious, wise and deeply human, reveals emotions that we completely identify with and become one with them.

The poet fascinates us with her skill and composes thoughts, truths, images that touch the most sensitive strings of our souls!

Stavroula Venieri

Multi-awarded Author, Poet

October 2022

All of Eleni Sergiou's books are available in bookstores

and upon order from Eleftheroudakis Publishing House

by phone or online.

Order telephone numbers: 210-33.17.600 and 210-33.17.606

For online orders at: www.books.gr

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