The battle against wildfires continues in Greece, two casualties reported

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Greek officials said the body of a man was recovered in an area of the central Viotia region under evacuation orders, and local media reported he died of smoke inhalation while trying to save his sheep. Police said late Monday that another man was found dead in a burned forest in the northeastern Evros region, and two firefighters were hospitalized for injuries suffered battling a fire in the northern Kavala region.

Evacuation orders were issued for villages in Greece’s northern Alexandroupolis, Komotini, Kavala and Orestiada, the central region of Viotia and the island of Evia. Fire departments across the country were put on general alert.

The coast guard said 20 people were evacuated by private boats from a fire on the island of Kythnos. P patrol boats and private vessels were on standby for potential evacuations from fire areas in Viotia and Evia.

“The last 48 hours, unfortunately like the next 48 hours, are proving exceptionally critical due to the strong winds and high temperatures that are creating extensive fire fronts,” said Vasilis Kikilias, Greece’s minister for climate crisis and civil protection.

More than 200 firefighters, assisted by 17 water-dropping aircraft, volunteers, and troops, were battling the fire, said Deputy Fire Chief Ioannis Artopios, a spokesman for the national fire service. Residents in Alexandroupolis were advised to keep their windows shut due to the smoke.

Fifty-six firefighters from Romania and two water-dropping aircraft from Cyprus were heading to Alexandroupolis, while 19 French firefighters were helping tackle the Evia fire.

Message 112 for evacuation in Palinostunto Palagia settlement

A message from 112 was sent shortly before 23:00 for the evacuation of the Palinostunto Palagia settlement.

Residents of the area are asked to evacuate in the direction of Alexandroupoli. In detail, the message states: "If you are in the Palinostunto Palagia settlement, evacuate to Alexandroupolis. Forest fire in your area. Follow the authorities' instructions."

Fire: Latest updates from fronts in Alexandroupolis, Evia, Boeotia

Live updates:

  • Over 500 firefighters are actively battling the flames.
  • Evacuation message (112) issued for Palinostunto Palagia settlement.
  • Nightmare fire in central Evia worsens, with three active fire fronts.
  • 63 forest fires were reported within the last 24 hours.
  • Two casualties were confirmed in Viotia and Evros.
  • Alexandroupolis General Hospital is being evacuated as a precaution.

23:04 Update:

  • Evacuation message (112) issued for Palinostunto Palagia settlement.
  • Residents asked to evacuate towards Alexandroupolis due to a forest fire.

22:43 Update:

  • The challenging situation for firefighters and volunteers battling the massive fire in central Evia.
  • Three active fire fronts in the affected area.

22:37 Update:

  • Deputy Press Spokesman of the Fire Department provides updates.
  • Forest fire in Melia Alexandroupolis is being tackled by 214 firefighters and additional support.
  • Fire in the Prodromos Boiotia area involves 74 firefighters.
  • Grass fire in Prophet Ilias, Psachna, Evia being fought by 92 firefighters.
  • Respective firefighting teams are also addressing fires in Evros and Rodopi.
  • New fire outbreaks were reported in Kythnos, Tarsos Boiotias, Apokoronas Chania, and Western Achaia.
  • The public was urged to follow authorities' instructions and prevent actions that may cause fires.
The battle against wildfires continues in Greece, two casualties reported 1

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