The wind blew Lefteris Pantazis's barbecue into the pool (VIDEO)

Lefteris Pantazis, barbecue

The barbecue of Lefteris Pantazis ended up at the bottom of the pool due to the strong wind prevailing on Monday.

The singer had the iron barbecue in the garden of his house, but the wind blowing all over Athens today did not leave it in place.

Konnie Metaxa published on her account on TikTok a video, in which she shows what has happened.

In it, Marios Kapotsis is seen wearing his swimsuit and diving into the pool, trying to lift it from the bottom of the pool. Ultimately, he succeeded, with Pantazis and Konnie Metaxa helping him lift it.

When it finally... returned to the ground, the singer did the cross, unable to believe what had happened.

Watch the video:

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