Controversial New ID Cards in Greece Raise Conspiracy Theories and Fuel Public Outcry

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The issuance of new ID cards in Greece, scheduled for September, has sparked conspiracy theories on social media with claims that the cards will contain a chip enabling continuous tracking of individuals.

Despite the government's assurance that the new IDs will not include a geolocation system, skeptics view the magnetic strip on the cards as authorities' latest attempt to exert control through technology.

Due to these concerns, many Greeks have been flocking to police stations across the country to renew their existing ID cards, which remain valid for a decade. For example, in the northern city of Kozani, a group of citizens began lining up at 2 am last week to renew their IDs, and this trend has since grown substantially, prompting extended opening hours at the local police station.

Opponents of the new IDs have organized demonstrations, starting with a rally in Rethymno, Crete on Wednesday. Additional protests are planned in Thessaloniki on September 3, followed by Athens a week later.

The new identity cards are credit card-sized and have been described by Minister of Citizen Protection, Yiannis Oikonomou, as a means of modernizing Greece and ensuring safe travel, as well as fulfilling the country's obligations within the European Union. Oikonomou emphasized that the cards have no sinister or religious implications and that those spreading misinformation should recognize the progress made during the Enlightenment era.

Government sources also note that the introduction of the new IDs will streamline administrative processes, freeing up a significant number of police officers from paperwork and thus enabling more effective law enforcement on the streets.

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