Staellinika launches free Greek proficiency test

staellinika proficiency test

For heritage speakers of Modern Greek who want to up their language skills, Staellinika offers interactive, narrative-driven learning tools at a variety of levels. Now, to help them find the right place to start, Staellinika is also offering a free, online Greek language proficiency test, available anytime, anywhere.

Take the one-hour test to assess your Greek skills.

The test is currently offered in English and will be available in Spanish and Portuguese later this year—as Staellinika’s courses currently are. These game-based language courses, designed to engage everyone in the Greek diaspora from pre-schoolers to teenagers to adults, were developed through Rebooting the Greek Language, a project of the SNF Centre for Hellenic Studies and the SNF New Media Lab at Simon Fraser University, with support from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).

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