Sarah Jessica Parker speaks fluent Greek in an episode of "And Just Like That"

Sarah Jessica Parker

The successful series "And Just Like That", starring Sarah Jessica Parker, will continue for a third season, with its audience looking forward to the new episodes.

In the second season, there were many surprises for the fans of the famous group of women, which started with "Sex and the City".

Apart from the return of John Corbett and Kim Cattrall, other moments excited the Greek viewers. Among them is the scene with Parker speaking fluent Greek at the end of the second cycle.

In particular, "Carrie" seems to be on a beach in Greece and lying on a sun lounger trying to order two cocktails from the waiter.

A fan of the series on TikTok uploaded the clip. "Συγγνώμη, μπορούμε να έχουμε άλλα δύο Cosmopolitans" (Excuse me, can we have two more Cosmopolitans?) Parker is heard saying, then thanks the waiter.

Watch the scene:


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