Margot Robbie: "Barbie" spotted in a Japanese restaurant in Athens (PHOTO)

Barbie, Margot Robbie

From the "red carpets" of Hollywood and Cannes, the star and producer of Barbie appeared yesterday in the centre of Athens.

The stars who arrive in Greece for vacation are many more than we realise, and they are not just confining themselves to their villas in front of the endless blue. Among those who appeared in places with enough people to recognise them was Margot Robbie.

Her presence in Greece has an even more intense significance given that it happens at the exact moment when the Barbie movie is living its days of glory.

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However, in a short break from the limelight and the production of successful films, the Australian actress found herself in Greece, specifically in Folegandros.

There, on the quiet, small Aegean island, "Barbie" enjoyed the cuisine of the traditional tavern, while on Saturday night, she appeared in the centre of Athens, specifically at Birdman. Birdman is a landmark Japanese restaurant on the busy Voulis Street, a culinary creation of chef Ari Vezene.

It is the area's most influential opening of recent years.

Now, it's making its mark even more vital as it combines with sister Japanese delicatessen Ikigai and Ekiben's Japanese grill on neighbouring Skoufu Street.


The pink Barbie phenomenon continues to captivate audiences worldwide, with millions dressing up in pink and booking a coveted cinema seat to glimpse Greta Gerwig's pop creation.

The film, which has already collected billions of dollars in its coffers, has become the biggest and most successful - for 2023 film product of America, with the actress and star Margot Robbie followed by a passionate audience.

Robbie, who became widely known for her role in Martin Scorsese's dark comedy The Wolf of Wall Street, claimed the title of the highest-paid actress this year after her role in the hit film Barbie. Aside from the base fee of $12.5 million she reportedly received, her financial share is closely tied to the film's box office performance, bringing the total to over $50 million.

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