Athens City Council Unanimously Approves Plan for Massive Urban Park in Votanikos, Creating a Green Oasis in Athens

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The Athens City Council has unanimously approved the plans and study for developing common green spaces in Votanikos. This project, known as the Olive Project, holds significant importance for the city, focusing on the ecological and aesthetic enhancement of the urban fabric through integrating nature.

At the heart of the plan is the creation of the largest urban park in Athens in nearly a century. It will cover approximately 215 acres of green space out of a total area of 260 acres. To put the park's scale into perspective, it is comparable to the Field of Areos, established in 1934.

The park will feature 3,563 newly planted trees, a mix of evergreen and deciduous varieties, and 102,000 shrubs. It will also include rain gardens, artificial hills, and a 950 sq.m. lake. With this park, the cycle of creating vast green lungs in Athens will be completed, contributing to the city's resilience in the face of the climate crisis.

The project aims to revive the historic olive grove, enhance urban biodiversity, and establish nesting areas for urban wildlife. The park has been meticulously designed to create the ideal microclimatic conditions, offering a cool natural environment for visitors to enjoy.

Botanical gardens Athens project

The park will showcase Greek flora, Mediterranean shrubs, and autonomous natural regeneration sites. It will also incorporate rain gardens and various water elements, complementing an environmentally conscious and educational experience for visitors. Biodiversity, both in terms of flora and fauna, will be a key focus in the area.

Additionally, the park will feature hills constructed from project rubble and aggregates, reducing the need for material removal and contributing to the ecological sustainability of the project. The design of central squares and refreshment areas will prioritize water permeability and a natural ambiance.

The modern urban park of Eleonas in Votanikos will provide visitors with a tranquil escape from daily life. It will offer a diverse range of experiences, depending on the time and preferences of visitors.

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