Greek IDs to comply with international security features, minister says

new greek identity cards

Greece is issuing a new type of general identity card to observe European regulations and international aviation organizations by upgrading security features, Citizen Protection Minister Yiannis Economou said on Friday.

At a cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis earlier in the day, Economou said that Greece had to comply with EU Regulation 2019/1157 for upgraded security features as demanded by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), an UN-affiliated agency guaranteed flight safety and freedom of movement. According to the EU regulation, IDs without ICAO-established security criteria or an MRZ (machine-readable zone) will cease being valid as of August 3, 2026.

The new IDs will be the size of a credit card, and include among other information height, blood type (voluntarily) and two fingerprints. They will start being issued as of September 25 by police departments and only by appointment (with exceptions). A total of 367 departments will be able to issue them, while provision will be made for 60 mobile units as well. They will cost citizens 10,00 euros (including photo taken by police, unless applicant provides one), take an average of seven (7) days to be ready, and be valid for ten (10) years.

Current IDs have been issued at police departments in their current format since 1961.

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