Christos Mastoras irons his clothes in a TikTok video - "When she tells you she likes regulars"

Christos Mastoras

More and more frequent are the humorous posts of Christos Mastoras on social media, with the singer sharing funny clips with his followers.

In a recent post on TikTok, the "MELISSES" frontman uploaded a video where he irons his clothes.

Wearing a white T-shirt, Mastoras irons a T-shirt and, simultaneously, dances, looking towards the camera recording him. In the end, he bursts into laughter.

In the post's caption, she wrote in a self-deprecating mood: " When she tells you that she likes regulars," attracting many thousands of likes and comments.

Watch the clip:


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Mastoras came from the minority village of Vodino, one of the Greek-inhabited villages of Northern Epirus in southern Albania. They came to Greece with his parents at the age of 3. His family settled in Koukaki, where he attended school and took his first musical steps.

In elementary school, he created a group with two friends, writing and performing lyrics to the prepared rhythms of his father's harmonium. At the same time, he started guitar lessons. While in high school, he started getting more involved in music, recording songs by Pyx Lax on tapes and being inspired by the singer of Metallica, his favourite band.

He switched to electric from classical guitar and started recording on a computer, creating his songs. In high school, he formed my first band, True Illusion, wrote his first songs, and began performing live on music stages.

May 2008 was pivotal in his life, as the group MELISSES was created, [1] which developed into one of the most successful groups in the Greek discography.

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