Heavy Rains Claim One Life in Greece, as Wildfires Come Under Control (see photos)

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After weeks of devastating wildfires, Greece has now been hit by torrential rains, resulting in at least one fatality. The victim is believed to have been carried away by floodwaters in central Greece's Magnesia region, while a shepherd has been reported missing. The rainfall has caused significant damage, with the regional capital Volos experiencing 200 millimeters of rain and the neighboring village of Zagora recording 516 mm, according to the National Meteorological Service.

In Volos, even the basement of the hospital has been flooded, and firefighters are working to pump out the water. The severe weather conditions are expected to last until Thursday, and authorities remain on high alert. While the rains have brought relief by helping to bring under control a massive blaze in Dadia national park, which has destroyed over 81,000 hectares of forested area, Greece continues to battle the aftermath of a challenging wildfire season, with 26 people having lost their lives and around 150,000 hectares burned.

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