Vacation destinations 1 hour from Athens for the first weekends of autumn

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The hot summer heat begins to recede and gives way to a gentle breeze that makes everyday life in Athens more bearable. Calendar-wise, autumn may be next to us, but there are still plenty of opportunities for excursions and, why not, swimming.

Early September or even October marks the ideal time for a leisurely trip when the crowds of tourists and visitors have receded, leaving these nearby destinations quiet and ready to reveal their charms.

From ancient ruins that whisper stories of past civilisations to picturesque seaside paradises with crystal clear waters, the environment near Athens holds countless possibilities for an unforgettable adventure.

Lake Beletsi

Lake Beletsi

Lake Beletsi is a small paradise known to many residents of the Attica basin. It is located approximately on the eastern slopes of Parnitha, in the Agia Triada area of ​​the Afidnon community.

This unique landscape is less than 40 minutes from the centre of Athens, while the route is through a dense pine forest.

Lake Beletsi offers many activities, with the lion's share of leisurely walks and observing the flora and fauna. If you want a picnic, it has landscaped areas, and the routes are ideal if you have a bike. If you still need to get equipped, you can head to the nearby settlement of Sfendali.

Brauron (Vravrona)

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Approximately 50 minutes from the centre of Athens, you will find a place that can take you on a journey with its beautiful contrasts. The painting comprises a lonely island, a small church, a sunken boat and turquoise waters. For many, Brauron is the ideal destination for a one-day excursion.

It is also an important archaeological site of Attica, as here you will find one of the most important temples of antiquity of the 6th century BC, the temple of Artemis. The place is visited by those who want to combine a dive with a visit to an archaeological site.

Remember to swim across to the small island you will see - a distance of 15 minutes that leaves no one unmoved.



It is one of the most popular destinations near Athens since it is almost an hour from the capital. Chalkida, however, gives the impression that you have moved far away from the bustling metropolis. Start with a leisurely beach walk, then enjoy your coffee.

Walk down the city's pedestrian street and see the towering Red House, an impressive mansion of the Mallios family. Then you can continue visiting the Folklore Museum and finally eat by the sea.



It is considered a misunderstood destination by many Athenians. It is, however, the ultimate city break. Loutraki Corinthia has been mainly associated with its warm waters and the spa town. But that's not all.

Its distance from Athens is about 80 kilometres. You can visit the famous Heraion, the temple honouring the goddess Hera.

If time allows, take advantage of the unique opportunity to walk along the beautiful routes and paths carved in the Gerania mountains or the nearby boat excursion from the port of Loutraki to the lake of Vouliagmeni or the Alkyonides islands.



It is located just 40 minutes away from Piraeus and is equally enjoyable at all times of the year. Take advantage of the famous pistachios of Aegina to tour the island's attractions, such as the Temple of Aphaia, Paleochora and the imposing monastery of Agios Nektarios.

In the dozens of taverns that operate all year round, you can enjoy fish that smells of the sea.

Aegileia (Stouronisi)

Stouronisi, StyronisiAegileia, i.e., today's Stouronisi, is unknown to most islands and is located very close to the coast of Evia, specifically across from Nea Styra. Its distance from Athens is about one to one and a half hours, and it is an uninhabited islet surrounded by turquoise waters.

The itinerary of the ferry boat Agia Marina - Nea Styrait passes very close by this enchanting islet, but the beauty of the place is not visible.

On its western side, there is a rocky islet nearby called Agios Andreas, and at this point, shallow turquoise waters form between the two islands. If you get there on a weekday, you will be alone and have the opportunity to dip in the company of the island's permanent residents, the hundreds of hares.

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