TFTD 2023: Women should enter AI field and show-self confidence in meetings

women in the office TFTD 2023

Women should listen less, speak more, and sit at the centre of a work table exuding self-confidence, Executive Vice President of Chubb Group Julie Dillman said Thursday during the Thessaloniki Future Thinking Dialogues (TFTD 2023) conference held in Thessaloniki.

Responding to questions by Hellenic-American Chamber of Commerce Vice-President Vassilis Kafatos during a discussion on "AI and Women in Tech," Dillman spoke of the role of women in technology companies.

She noted that the technology sector was one of many with few women and few opportunities for them; this continued to plague other industry sectors as well.

However, she also said there was some progress in the technology sector, as it is no longer unusual for her to be the only female working in artificial intelligence (AI) companies.

Chubb Group, she said, felt women had important roles to play, and it was also essential to have women represented in the company, which includef direct support by male colleagues.

Dillman said that women are underrepresented in AI and should be encouraged through education to enter the sector since, in countries like the United States, female graduates are more numerous than male ones.

Among the advice she offered was "to learn your job but also to relax, to take on different projects and positions." They should also not believe they can project the future, since many times some job experiences lead to new sectors.

"Sit at the table and create space for yourself, because women tend to be introverted and we sit in the corner and at the edge of the work table. I tell women, however, You must sit at the center, spread your arms, claim your space and show self-confidence, at the same time finding good mentors," she added.

The Chubb official also enthusiastically referred to the digital centres created in Thessaloniki, underlining that 500 people will be employed there within three years.

"We encourage and embrace a culture of technology, and we are happy with the results we have with our newest center in Thessaloniki," she said.

The conference is co-organised in Thessaloniki by the Hellenic-American Chamber of Commerce and the Region of Central Macedonia.

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