Stefanos Tsitsipas: "We are playing for those affected by the fires and floods"

Stefanos Tsitsipas

Stefanos Tsitsipas at the press conference before the start of the Davis Cup emphasised that the Greek National Team will also play for those affected by the fires and floods.

The Davis Cup draw has been made for the series of matches between Greece and Slovakia for World Group I, which is held at the Panathenaic Stadium.

At the press conference, Stefanos Tsitsipas emphasised that the national team will also play for those affected by the fires and floods.

The press conference:

What is the feeling about the court in Kallimarmaro:

"I feel that a lot of work has been done with the stadium, but also because it feels good to play in such a stadium. I had the opportunity to come as a tourist to this place, so to play in this stadium for me is very special."

For his part, Apostolos Tsitsipas said: "The choice of the specific venue is a great choice to hold the games there. Is the choice ideal, is it frugal? This is what is needed in such a venue... There is rivalry, the hallmark of the Olympics Fight. They did a great job."

The progress you and Maria are seeing has brought more kids to tennis, and there is generally more interest in the sport. Do you think that establishing a tournament in our country would help even more (SPORT24)?

"There hasn't been an opportunity to do something like this. But if there is an event like this in the future, I'm sure we'll see more kids playing and more dreaming that they can achieve something in the future."

What is the feeling that they will play in such an important monument of our country?

"It's something special, the monuments behind the stadium and the place in general is something unique. We're all looking forward to going out there and competing and for the Greeks to support us," said Petros Tsitsipas.

"It is an unprecedented experience to play tennis in such a historic stadium and the first Olympic Games were held in this stadium. It's crazy to think that an event like the Davis Cup takes place in Kalimmarmaro," said Michael Pervolarakis.

Then Stefanos Tsitsipas said: "We all have to give more than a lot on the field. To do great things. We play not only for ourselves, but also for those affected by the fires and floods, we intend to give something more. It will not be an easy game meeting".

While Apostolos Tsitsipas emphasised: "I ask for the support of all Greek fans, to visit the venue, to support the team, the fans are the extra strength for the athletes. We are going through difficult times and especially in Thessaly, it is important that we are all united because we create a softer situation, when we are united we can reach greater achievements."

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