PM Mitsotakis at presentation of plans for Fix brewery complex in Thessaloniki

Dimand Mitsotakis

The development of the industrial complex of Fix Brewery in the western gateway of Thessaloniki is a development project of significance to Greece, not just the northern city, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Wednesday during the presentation of plans by developer Dimand.

The project will include the first bioclimate business park (Hub 26) across from the abandoned brewery, the building of which will also be turned into use on the land lot that totals 30,000 square meters.

Mitsotakis said, "Every time I visit Thessaloniki for the International Thessaloniki Fair, I choose to live in the western part, and every time I went by this emblematic, abandoned building, I kept thinking when someone will show up who understands the huge development opportunity in the area we stand today." 

He also expressed the hope that the project will be finished within his term in office - by the end of March 2027, according to Dimand CEO Dimitris Andriopoulos - so he may attend its inauguration. 
According to media reports in the summer, the investment is worth at least 150 million euros and will include a hotel, eating places, and apartments. 

Such investments, Mitsotakis said during the presentation event, show that if Greece had not reclaimed its credibility, if it had not turned into one of the new development pioneers in Europe and if banks had not been returned to health to fund development, "none of what we discussed today would have become reality." 

Also west of the city centre, the planned projects involving national, regional, and local levels include the Holocaust Museum (to begin construction in 2024), the projects at the former military camps of Pavlos Melas and Gonos, the renovation of the entire Thessaloniki coast, the informal industrial cluster at Kalochori, and other smaller works, Mitsotakis reiterated. 

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