Greek Taverna named Tripadvisor 2023 Best of Best in the UK

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One Greek restaurant has been named in Tripadvisor's 2023 Travellers’ Choice Best of the Best.

Andy's Greek Taverna, which opened in Pratt Street, Camden Town, in 1967, was named in the hidden gem category of "restaurants that earn their under-the-radar status. (If you know, you know - and now you do)"

Listed as "a charming, casual dining spot with all the cheer of the Greek islands" 1,913 out of 2,379 reviews rated it excellent, with comments like 'the food was delicious,' 'excellent service,' and 'one of the best restaurants in London'.

White-fronted, with classic blue awnings and a blue and white interior, the long-established restaurant recalls the whitewashed houses of the Aegean. It is famous for its warm staff, pocket-friendly prices, and generous portions.

Dishes include grilled sea bass and sea bream flown in daily from Greece, bread and dips, the famous kleftiko slow-roasted lamb and Greek pastries for dessert.

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