Commissioner Johansson: 'You are not alone, the European Union is with you'

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In a videotaped message, the EU Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson, who was absent for medical reasons from the MED5 conference in Thessaloniki, referred to the migration pressures faced by several islands in the MED5 countries.
Regarding Greece, Johansson noted that "more than 20,000 people have reached the Greek islands this year, especially Lesvos and Samos" which, as she said, puts local societies, in Greece, under pressure. "I must say you are handling the situation very well," she added.
The Commissioner of Internal Affairs referred - among other things - to the situation in Lampedusa, where more than 90,000 people have arrived this year (more than 70% of the total arrivals in Italy) but also in Cyprus, which is faced with increased arrivals by sea , mainly from Lebanon.
Addressing the inhabitants of the islands in the countries of the MED5 group, Johansson assured them that "you are not alone, the European Union is with you", while she reiterated that the situation of 2015 will not be repeated and underlined the critical importance of cooperation in addressing the issue. 

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