Nikos Karvelas went to the Anna Vissi concert with Pania and his partner - See photos of the kiss

Anna Vissi

Nikos Karvelas rarely misses any of Anna Vissi's live shows. The singer celebrates 50 years of her career this year, giving, among other things, two concerts at Odeon of Herodes Atticus.

The composer went to the first and the second concert, in which the lens captured him sitting between his ex-wife, Annita Pania, and his current wife, Elena Ferentinou.

In one of the snapshots, Nikos Karvelas has embraced the presenter and gives her a kiss.

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The kiss with Vissi on stage

At the first concert, Nikos Karvelas went on stage to accompany his ex-wife, Anna Vissi, on the piano. During their show together, the two exchanged a kiss on stage.

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"How much... I am the one who left this woman"

A few days before, on the evening of Sunday, September 17, Vissi and Karvelas gave a big anniversary concert.

Immediately after the end of the concert, social media was "filled" with videos and photos of the former couple on stage, mainly from their humorous moments. The two do not hide their love for each other and in their appearance yesterday, they exchanged a kiss on the mouth.

The snapshot was published on Anna Vissi's official fanpage account.

One of them, was when Nikos Karvelas took Anna Vissi by the hand and walked to the front of the stage to say: "I must be sorry for leaving this woman. Basically, she left me."

"Stop the pleasantries now, we're off..." his ex-wife interrupted him.

"This creature, while at one time it was everything to me, suddenly became everything, what did I say the...?" continued the composer.

Another signature moment of the evening was when Anita Pania , also the composer's ex-wife, came on stage to sing the track "Countdown" with the two of them.


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