CYPRUS - Palestinians in Larnarca celebrate Hamas' massacre of Israelis

Palestinians Larnaca

A group of Palestinians in Larnaca celebrated the Hamas attack on Israel on Saturday by handing out sweets and singing.

They celebrated even though at least 1,008 Israelis were killed since Saturday, according to the Israeli embassy to the United States. More than 3,418 people have also been injured, added the embassy.

See the video of Palestinians celebrating Hamas terrorism in Larnaca:

This video emerged as other videos of Palestinians in Samos and Kos also celebrating the massacre were posted on social media.

The Israel Defense Forces said it had finally regained control over its suddenly porous border with the Gaza Strip Tuesday morning, some 72 hours after Hamas terrorists blew through sections of the barrier and launched an invasion that saw over 1,000 Israelis slaughtered or kidnapped.

As Israel continued to grapple with the emerging enormity of Saturday’s massacres and the military was formally notifying hostages’ families that their loved ones were being held in Gaza, air force planes bombarded wide swaths of the Strip.

Meanwhile, some 300,000 reservists girded for a possible ground invasion, sweeps to locate terrorists feared still hiding inside Israel continued and tensions on the northern border threatened to snowball into a second front.

The IDF said it had managed to seal the border, mining areas around breaches as a stopgap against further incursions.

The death toll in Israel from the surprise attack and subsequent battles rose above 900, according to reports. Over 500 people remained hospitalised, many with life-threatening injuries; over 2,700 have been injured since Saturday.

“In the last day, not a single terrorist entered via the fence,” said the Israel Defense Forces’ top spokesman, Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari.

Despite earlier indications, Hagari said that the military had not identified any tunnels crossing from Gaza into Israeli territory.

The IDF estimates that there are a small number of terrorists still hiding in Israeli territory. Overnight, Israeli security forces killed at least one Palestinian terrorist near Kibbutz Sa’ad.

Troops also exchanged fire with terrorists in Kissufim and Monday night saw police kill another terror suspect near Mishmar Hanegev, some 24 kilometers (15 miles) inside Israel.

Lt. Col. Richard Hecht said the bodies of 1,500 terrorists had been located around southern Israel. Hundreds more have been killed in Israeli strikes in Gaza, according to Hamas health officials.

The Israeli toll includes at least 123 soldiers, the military said, adding 38 new names to its tally Tuesday as it works to inform families of the deaths.

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