Dendias: Greece has clearly sided with Israel

Nikos Dendias

"Greece has clearly sided with the state of Israel," Defence Minister Nikos Dendias said on Wednesday upon his arrival at the NATO Defence Ministers' meeting in Brussels, noting simultaneously that "all countries of the Alliance must have a clear position."

Dendias stressed that the discussion on Ukraine had come at a time when there was an eruption of violence in the Middle East following the barbaric attack by Hamas against Israel, especially its civilian population.

While Greece fully understood the legitimate expectations of the Palestinians, within the framework of the decisions of the United Nations Security Council, Dendias pointed out barbaric attacks such as those carried out by Hamas only risked forfeiting these expectations.

Greece has clearly stood by the State of Israel in this tragic instance. All the countries of our alliance must do this. NATO is an Alliance of values, not just a defence alliance. The barbaric attack by Hamas insulted the very values that NATO should uphold: human rights, human dignity, and security.

"All Alliance countries must have a clear position," the Minister of Defence underlined.

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