Hellenic Parliament Stands in Solidarity with Israel Amidst Terrorist Attacks

This evening, the Hellenic Parliament is illuminated with the flag of the State of #Israel

Statement by the Speaker of the Hellenic Parliament, Mr Constantinos Tassoulas, on Illuminating the Parliament Building with the Israeli Flag

Tonight, the Hellenic Parliament building is adorned with the flag of the State of Israel in a demonstration of solidarity with the Israeli people who have endured inhumane terrorist attacks perpetrated by Hamas. Mr. Costas Tasoulas, the President of the Hellenic Parliament, issued the following statement:

"Following the lead of various European Parliaments and notable public and private structures that have illuminated their facades with the flag of Israel, the Greek Parliament joins this act tonight. We do so to convey both our resolute support and our unequivocal condemnation. Our support is extended to a civilian population that continues to endure relentless and unprecedented acts of violence by Hamas, demonstrating the utmost disregard for human life. In parallel, we express our strong disapproval of a violent and profoundly inhumane assault on a nation exercising its inherent right to self-defence.

Tonight, our illumination encompasses not only the flag of Israel but also radiates the principles of national sovereignty, human dignity, and, above all, the enduring aspiration for peace, which must never be irreparably shaken."

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