Tsitsipas Brothers Cause Yet Another Upset To Reach Antwerp Semifinals

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The Tsitsibros are making a splash at the 2023 European Open in Antwerp, as Petros and Stefanos Tsitsipas continue their impressive run in the doubles competition. While Stefanos is yet to play a singles match in Antwerp, he has been delivering exceptional performances alongside his brother.

Their journey started with a tough match against Miguel Ángel Reyes-Varela and David Vega Hernandez, a formidable doubles team that was actually favored against the Tsitsipas brothers. However, the Tsitsipros displayed great resilience and triumphed in two closely contested tie-breaks.

Their next challenge came in the form of an even stronger doubles team, Matwe Middlekoop and Andreas Mies. Nevertheless, this match proved to be a relatively easier task for the Greeks, who sealed victory with a 7-5, 6-3 scoreline, showcasing their dominance on serve and their ability to capitalize on their opponents' second serves.

Throughout the tournament, the Tsitsipros have demonstrated their impressive skills as a pairing, further solidifying their reputation in the doubles circuit. Stefanos has often expressed how playing with his brother brings out the best in him, and this year has been no exception. Their success in Antwerp serves as a testament to their compatibility on the court and their shared determination.

With previous doubles victories under his belt, Stefanos holds hopes of securing another trophy, this time alongside his brother. The significance of such an achievement is not lost on him, especially considering his recent struggles. Meanwhile, Petros has consistently showcased his proficiency in doubles, highlighting his strong potential for a successful career in this discipline.

All in all, the Tsitsipros are making their mark at the 2023 European Open, leaving a lasting impression as they continue to excel in the doubles competition.

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