Stefanos Tsitsipas earnt more than $4 million in 2023

Stefanos Tsitsipas

Stefanos Tsitsipas now has $4,004,628 in tournament earnings for the year despite winning just one tournament.

He reached the Australian Open's final and Roland Garros's quarter-final. Through these two Grand Slams, he greatly increased his income.

Tsitsipas plays in Antwerp this week and still has the Paris Masters. His big goal is to play again this year at the ATP Finals in Turin, and he is very close to achieving it.

The Greek tennis player is in 6th place on the list of players based on prize money. At the top is Novak Djokovic with $10.5 million, while Carlos Alcaraz has $9.6 million.

His best season was in 2019, when he earned $6,712,206; in 2022, it reached $5,479,441.

Stefanos Tsitsipas snaps back at critics claiming Paula Baodsa romance is ruining his tennis

The Greek star is still in the top 10 of the ATP Rankings, but he has suffered plenty of setbacks on the court and has struggled to make his mark in the game’s biggest events since reaching the final of the Australian Open in January.

His slide in results has sparked suggestions that his high-profile relationship with fellow tennis player Paula Badosa has contributed to his dip in form.

In reality, Tsitsipas has seemed happier than ever off the court and he insists his dip in fortunes over the last few months is purely sporting related rather than anything to do with his private life.

“People who claim that I am no longer focused on tennis, I train more than I ever did in my career,” Tsitsipas told reporters ahead of his first match at the European Open in Antwerp, where he is the top seed.

“I don’t want to prove anything to anyone, except to myself, to prove to myself that I am capable of regaining my level. I believe in it.”

It is harsh to blame Badosa for the below-par sporting performance of her boyfriend, yet this is not the first time romantic influence has been cited as a reason for a male player losing focus.

Tsitsipas has previously spoken about his romance with Badosa and he believes that happiness of the court will help him achieve success on it.

“I feel happy and content,” he stated last summer.

“I haven’t really felt that type of connection with anyone before. I don’t mean to sound cringe or anything because that’s the reality and that’s what I am faced with. I am extremely blessed and happy that this came at this phase of my life.

“I get to do what I love and I get to do it with someone who completely understands me and gets it. I have been very interested in her mind more than anything else.

“Of course there is attraction but it’s also sometimes just a soul interaction and getting to fall in love with her mind. It’s very rare that these things happen.

“It’s like we share the same identity: same lifestyle, same desires, same passions, same ambitions. It’s the same. It’s wonderful to be a part of it and to experience it every day.”

Tsitsipas insists the real reason for his form is down to an inevitable loss of form that happens to all players from time to time, as he suggested in an interview with the ATP Tennis Radio Podcast last month.

“There are always going to be moments like this, and I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be the last time something like this happens,” he stated.

“Speaking of which, yes, these last few weeks perhaps even two months haven’t been that great and my level of performance hasn’t been delivering up to my standards.

And I do feel it. I do feel the disappointment and I do feel the need to get better. I have been working a lot of hours on the court.

“We still in the time, through difficult times we grow in. And I try to see it from the bright side, even though it hurts a little bit.”

Despite his perceived poor year, Tsitsipas is still in a strong position to qualify for the end-of-year ATP Finals in Turin.

He is currently sixth in the Race to Turin standings and could cement his spot in the finals if he can make progress in Antwerp this week and in a probable appearance at the ATP 500 event in Basel ahead of the Paris Masters last this month.

Tsitsipas enjoyed the biggest win of his career when he won the 2019 ATP Finals in London and he will be aiming to answer his doubters in the best way possible by repeating that triumph in Turin next month.

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