Stefanos Kasselakis: The first images of his wedding ring during a visit to a Greek Orthodox school in New York


The first footage of Stefanos Kasselakis wearing the wedding ring on his right hand after his wedding with his partner Tyler McBeth was broadcast on Saturday morning by OREN. The images were recorded during his visit to the Greek Orthodox school of Agios Dimitrios in New York.

The president of SYRIZA said their wedding took place in Brooklyn, adding that Greeks need to "get used to surprises".

“I didn't get married in the Hamptons in the first place. This is 'fake news'. In Brooklyn, I got married, in the City Clerk's Office. The truth is that I don't like the Hamptons at all," Stefanos Kasselakis also said.

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In his dialogue with the representatives of the school, Stefanos Kasselakis noted that "the greatest help we can bring is the contact with Greece," adding that "this interaction will open a virtuous circle".

"The first contact with the regional ballots and my election is good, but we need to go deeper," added Stefanos Kasselakis who remarked that "it is not possible not to have a Greek house in Manhattan".

Mr. Kasselakis was welcomed by the president of the Community, Nikos Papaioanou, the priestly superior, Fr. and well-known lawyer, Maria Markou.

Stefanos Kasselakis first entered the area of ​​the Cathedral Church of Agios Dimitrios, where he lit a candle and then talked with the priestly staff and Father Grigorios Stamkopoulos.

Kasselakis asked questions about the school, showing interest in the number of students.

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"Here is the only Lyceum, we are proud of our children and the traditions we follow", said Fr. Anargyros Stavropoulos, adding: "here is a lung of the Greek Orthodox tradition that breathes Greece."

The president of SYRIZA was also given a tour of the closed gym, where he tested his abilities in basketball and football, revealing, in a related question, that "I am Panathinaikos, but I respect the fans of all teams, just as I respect every human being."

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