Turkey: Sözcü presents map of US military presence - 'We know the danger'


With a map showing the US military presence inside and outside Turkey, including the bases in Greece, the Turkish newspaper Sözcü addresses its readers saying "They know the danger."

"Around us are the bases of the two superpowers, the USA and Russia. While we are surrounded by their planes, weapons and ships" comments the front page publication, presenting the military presence of Washington and Moscow in the region.

Although the publication attempts to appear objective, also talking about Russian military presence in the Black Sea and in countries of the former Soviet Union, it nevertheless clearly targets the USA because of its relations with Israel.

Hence the photo of Biden and Netanyahu hugging each other, with the newspaper describing them as " blood brothers ".

It should be noted that Sözcü is not considered a pro-pro-promo newspaper, but close to the Kemalist opposition, which in terms of dramatic events is completely identified with Erdogan's policy.

Increasingly in Turkey, pro-government media are raising their voices against Israel and the US with sarcastic headlines and photos of victims in Gaza, accusing Washington of ... staining its hands with the blood of innocents by supporting Israeli actions.

The inflammatory reports are further fueling public anger , with protests taking place across the country, as the Erdogan government declared three days of national mourning for the victims of the Gaza hospital bombing.

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