Hollywood heart-throb Costas Mandylor and Greek rapper Light wrap up Australian film shoot in Greece


Hollywood heart-throb Greek Australian actor Costas Mandylor has just wrapped filming in Greece for the Australian production The Aegean where he plays alongside popular Greek rapper LIGHT.

In their announcement, Australian production company Film Focus Productions said they returned from "the stunning Greek Islands, having wrapped production on their powerful international debut feature film, The Aegean."


Written and directed by Jacob Richardson, and co-produced by Aida Vucic and Allisa Tsukimori, The Aegean is a sweeping, ambitious epic.

The film brings together a highly talented international cast, with Greek heritage on display. The acting talent hails from Australian, Austrian, British, and Greek shores. The lead role of Hector is played by Costas Mandylor (SAW X), who, with Australian-Greek heritage, returns to his ancestral home to deliver a truly nuanced performance full of grief, pain, and loss.Light and Nicky Dune

The uplifting story follows Hector, a widowed Greek fisherman who feels the weight of his age in a world that has started to forget him. Everything changes when he meets Theodore, a resourceful, sharp, and endlessly positive teenager, desperately seeking a saviour to rescue him from a dire situation. United by their shared struggles, they embark on a journey on the enchanting Aegean Sea, where amidst the azure waters, they discover a newfound purpose and a reason to carry on.

Set against the backdrop of the enchanting sea, The Aegean takes the audience on an enthralling voyage that transcends boundaries, revealing the depths of human resilience and the redemptive power of friendship.

"It’s a heartwarming story that brings you on an emotional journey; charting grief, loss, and pain. It touches on universal themes that everyone can resonate with, playing on the classic Greek ideal of Philoxenia : the ancient Greek hospitality of opening your home to someone less fortunate," Richardson says.

The co-lead role of Theodore is played by the up-and-coming, talented British actor Nicky Dune. Making his international feature film debut, Nicky stuns with the gravity and depth of his performance, mixing the heights of positivity and love, with remarkably heartbreaking portrayals of loss and heartache.

"Costas and Nicky have a beautiful and unique on-screen relationship. We’re excited to showcase that to the world,’’ Richardson says.

"Nicky stunned us with his raw talent, and it was great to see Costas, who is such a legend in Hollywood and so well known for his role in the SAW franchise, tackle such a challenging and different kind of role."

"Both actors brought a lot of energy to the set that was very welcome."

The famed Greek rapper, LIGHT, will make his acting debut in the film, starring as the charming, sinister businessman, Christos.

"I was also wowed by the talent LIGHT showed. He brought such an energy and vitality to the role. He was great to work with and he really made the villain character his own, making it feel scary, menacing and terrifying."

"He’s a great rapper, but I would even say he’s a better actor. I think LIGHT’s fans are going to love his performance in this role."

"Seeing this film come to life has been huge for me and I’m exceptionally proud of what we’ve achieved with this cast and crew. I can’t wait for it to hit the big screens so we can share this unique story with the world."

A truly international piece, with a hopeful and upbeat message that cuts through the crises of our time, The Aegean has designs on major film festivals around the world with a focus on compassion, love in the most unlikely of places, and friendship across borders, all set against the wanderlust inspiring backdrop of the Greek islands.


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